Today the usual routine's broken.
Now i know i've learnt to breathe...
I've never sought and even spoken
To a living talking myth!

A tiny girl stands just before me,
Her smile shines like a thousand suns.
Within her hands a heart is beating
She whispers loudly that "It runs..."

Why, and where? - would i ask -
He isn't moving! Can't he feel?
And what's the goal - eternal task?
I see the thing but what's the deal?

Now, since you hear my intensions,
Stand still, try not to be afraid.
This heart needs your protection.
Please, now be careful, cup your hands!

The order wasn't innocent or fragile.
Her charms were strong, my will was weak.
She left a present, the darkest angel,
Which, i'm so sure, no good will bring.

Here i stand, my thoughts disordered...
Am i free: the angel flew away.
I thought, my life used to be perfect,
But now i see it's a mistake.

I have a tiny trembling friend -
A lonely heart coloured in damask.
I will take care, i will defend it,
There're two of me today and ever...

I heard there is a beeing, who steals our souls, and no one will be able to set victim's mind at rest...

My peace is lost, but this new sense
Is better than the emptyness.
She came to me - now i possess
Someone's best part - his heart!..

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